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Liquid Heat Exchanger

ModIndustrialCraft 2
Max heat output20 to 100 hU/t

The Liquid Heat Exchanger is a heat energy generator added by IndustrialCraft 2. It generates Heat Units (hU) by cooling hot liquids.



The Liquid Heat Exchanger generates hU by transferring heat from a liquid which is turned into a different type during the process. The hU output depends on the amount of Heat Conductors that are put into the Exchanger, with the minimum being 20 hU/t and maximum being 100 hU/t.

Supported Liquids
Input Liquid Output Liquid
Lava Pahoehoe Lava
IC2 Hot Coolant IC2 Coolant

Heat can only be transmitted through the orange square on the heat generator. Any other side of the block will not be able to give any hU to consumers.

The Liquid Heat Exchanger’s GUI consists of two liquid tanks (each with a volume of 2,000 mB), ten slots for Heat Conductors between the tanks, and three slots for Upgrades below. Each liquid tank also has two slots beneath it, which allow players to transfer liquids using liquid storage items like Buckets and Universal Fluid Cells. On the interface’s top is an indicator which measures the current and maximum HU output.

Each pair of Heat Exchangers increases the output by 20 HU/t. If there is an odd number of Heat Exchangers, one of them will be ignored, so the minimal amount of Exchangers needed to run the machine is two.

The machine allows to mount the following upgrades:

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