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ModMineFactory Reloaded

The LiquiCrafter is the automatic crafting table from MineFactory Reloaded akin to Buildcraft's Auto Workbench except it can hold 9 different liquids in an internal buffer for crafting things that require liquids (ex: Coolant Cells). Each liquid inventory can hold 10 buckets of liquid.


With Thermal Expansion 3 installed:

Without Thermal Expansion installed:


LiquiCrafter GUI

To use the LiquiCrafter effectively, it is preferred to use it for items that require liquids to craft such as Coolant Cells or Ender-Thermic Pumps.

To craft, the player must set ghost images of the items in the crafting grid and put the materials in the inventory below. A Redstone pulse will make one of the item, allowing it to be removed.

Liquids must be pumped into the LiquiCrafter. Right-clicking with a Bucket or a Can/Empty Cell will not work.