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This page is about the Lightning Rod structure added by Environmental Tech. For other uses, see Lightning Rod.
Lightning Rod
ModEnvironmental Tech
TypeMultiblock machine

The Lightning Rod is a multiblock structure added by Environmental Tech. It can generate massive amounts of Forge Energy from lightning strikes, and comes in 6 tiers.

Energy Generation

Every 1600 ticks to 3200 ticks (400 ticks to 800 ticks during a Thunderstorm), the topmost Lightning Rod has a chance to be struck by Lightning. When that happens, a random amount of Forge Energy is generated and stored in the Lightning Controller, which can be then extracted from the bottom face.

The stats of each tier of Lightning Rod are as follow:

Controller Tier Chance to be struck Minimum FE generated Maximum FE generated Average FE/t Average FE/t (thunderstorm)
1 60% 93,750 750,000 105 421
2 55% 281,250 2,250,000 290 1,160
3 50% 1,312,500 10,500,000 1,230 4,921
4 45% 5,062,500 40,500,000 4,271 17,085
5 40% 19,500,000 156,000,000 14,625 58,500
6 35% 74,250,000 594,000,000 48,726 194,906


All structures can be built using the Assembler.

Tier 1

The complete structure is 3x7x3 and requires:


Tier 2

The complete structure is 3x9x3 and requires:


Tier 3

The complete structure is 3x11x3 and requires:


Tier 4

The complete structure is 3x13x3 and requires:


Tier 5

The complete structure is 3x18x3 and requires:


Tier 6

The complete structure is 3x23x3 and requires: