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This page is about the Lightning Rod added by Immersive Engineering. For other uses, see Lightning Rod.
Lightning Rod

ModImmersive Engineering
TypeMultiblock structure
RF storage16,000,000 RF
Max RF output4096 RF/t

The Lightning Rod is a multi-block added by Immersive Engineering.


The Lightning Rod is relatively simple to make. It uses 8 Copper Coil Blocks, 4 Steel Scaffoldings, 4 HV Capacitors, 4 Light Engineering Blocks, 4 Treated Wood Fences and 3 High-Voltage Coil Blocks.

After it is fully arranged, the player must right-click the middle block of any side (which should be a Light Engineering Block) with an Engineer's Hammer, then the multi-block is complete.

IE Lightning Rod 2.png


This information pertains to an older version of the mod.

It must be constructed in a 3x3, flat square of Lightning Rod Bases. After it is arranged in that pattern, the player must right-click the center block with an Engineer's Hammer, then the multi-block is complete.

IE Uncon Lightning Rod.png

IE Lightning Rod.png


Pre 0.10-43 picture.

Stacking many Steel Fences on the middle block increases the chance of lightning hitting the middle block dramatically. One lightning strike will generate 16,000,000 Redstone Flux (RF) per default (it is configurable). All of the energy goes to the center block, but that energy will be dispersed to the blocks surrounding it.

IE Example Lightning Rod 2.png