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This page is about the Blood Magic Life Essence. For other uses, see Life Essence.
Life Essence

ModBlood Magic

Life Essence is a liquid added by Blood Magic. It is used in most crafting recipes within Blood Magic, and is required for ritual activation. Life Essence (LP) can be stored in two different forms. The first is as a physical liquid which can be stored in anything that can store liquids, such as an Extra Utilities Drum, or buckets (the latter will create a Bucket of Life). The second is in an invisible, and non-reversible, method, called the Soul Network. Each player has their own network, from which LP will be drained to use tools and rituals, such as the Bound Pickaxe and Serenade of the Nether. The soul network can be filled by placing a blood orb on an altar of level 2 or higher.


Life Essence is created by using either a Sacrificial Knife or Dagger of Sacrifice with a Blood Altar. Life Essence can also be gained by using the Carnosa Diem gesture with the Mystic Branch from the Witchery mod.