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This page is about the Lens added by Astral Sorcery. For other uses, see Lens.

ModAstral Sorcery
TypeSolid block
Blast resistance36

The Lens is a block added by Astral Sorcery. It is used to redirect Starlight in the Starlight network. It can be linked to and linked from by the Linking Tool. It can accept Starlight from multiple sources, but it can only emit one ray. The size of the Rock Crystal or Celestial Crystal is proportional to the amount of Lenses created, with the size being divided by 80 and rounded down to get the amount of Lenses, with one Lens being the minimum. The purity and cutting of the Crystal used affect the amount of Starlight lost when transferring through the Lens.


Astral Tome entry

Bending Starlight simply from a source to a location might not be enough. The source might be at an unfitting place, or the destination for the Starlight is just too far away.

A brilliant, yet seemingly obvious, idea comes to mind: redirecting and refocusing the Starlight via a network of lenses to provide enough reach to direct it wherever needed.

Constantly shifting the light into different directions over long distances takes its toll. The further the light travels, the weaker it will get as each lens takes its toll.

Since the crystal used to construct a lens capable of redirecting this volatile light makes up most of the lens, the properties the crystal had will affect the transmission rate significantly. The bigger the crystal used to craft, the more lenses that can be crafted at once. A very impure crystal will most likely occlude Starlight passing through by the dust and other material it has embedded within.

The quality of the facets cut into the lens will determine how focused the beam of transmitted light is, further reducing losses.

Bound by its basic physicality, a lens might accept Starlight from multiple directions, though it is only able to direct the light into one direction. Wherever the outgoing Starlight is aimed, the lens will rotate to direct it there.

Obviously, a clear line-of-sight is required to successfully transmit, for now.
Astral Tome