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Leadstone Energy Cell

ModThermal Expansion 3
Next tier
Max RF input80 RF/t
RF storage400,000 RF
Max RF output80 RF/t
Unrecognised parameter: tool

A Leadstone Energy Cell can store 400,000 RF and can send or receive at rates up to 80 RF/t.



Thermal Expansion energy cell properties are adjustable through an in-game GUI.

Energy cell faces may be toggled between sending (orange), receiving (blue), or neither (yellow).

The rates of sending and receiving RF may be independently configured through clicking on the + and - symbols. Doing so will not increase the rate of transfer beyond an energy cell tier's maximum.

Action +/- RF/t
Left Click 50
Right Click 10
Shift + Left Click 1,000
Shift + Right Click 100
Ctrl + Left Click 5
Ctrl + Right Click 1

Right clicking with a Crescent Hammer rotates the cell clockwise. Sneak right clicking removes the cell while preserving internal charge. Breaking a cell normally by hand or otherwise loses the internal charge.