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Lava Mill

ModExtra Utilities 2
TypeSolid block

The Lava Mill is a block added by Extra Utilities 2. It is rated to provide 4 GP (Grid Power) when placed next to Lava, and functions similarly to the Water Mill.



Placing a Lava Mill next to a source block of Lava will provide 2 GP. Multiple source blocks will not increase the amount of GP given, though multiple Lava Mills can utilize the same source block. Placing the block next to the first step of flowing Lava will allow it to generate 3 GP in the Overworld and 3.5 GP in the Nether. Although the block's description explains that it is capable of providing 4 GP, this is difficult to achieve in practice, if not impossible.

An efficient set up of Lava Mills. Each corner is one Lava source block. While in the Nether, each Mill will generate 3.50 GP for a total of 17.50 GP.

The same setup in the Overworld, with each Lava Mill generating 3 GP for a reduced total of 15 GP.


The inability to produce 4.0 GP may be a bug.

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