Lava Factory Controller

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Lava Factory Controller

ModActually Additions
CF use150,000 CF/t
CF storage3,000,000 CF
RF use150,000 RF/t
RF storage3,000,000 RF
Tesla use150,000 T/t
Tesla storage3,000,000 T

The Lava Factory Controller is a block added by Actually Additions, used to create the Lava Factory, which is used to create Lava from Crystal Flux (CF).

The Lava Factory is created in a bowl-like shape, with the Lava Factory Controller being the bottom of the bowl, and the Casings making the sides. The Lava Factory requires 150000 CF to generate one Lava block. It will place the Lava block inside the bowl.




Version history
1.11-r82Changed from using Redstone Flux and Tesla to Crystal Flux.

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