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This page is about the Laser Lens added by Environmental Tech. For other uses, see Laser Lens.
Laser Lens

ModEnvironmental Tech
TypeTile entity
Blast resistance300
Technical details
Ore dictionary nameetLaserLens

The Laser Lens is a block added by Environmental Tech. It comes in 18 forms: Clear, Crystal, and one for each of the 16 Dye colors.

It is used to build the Void Botanic Miner, Void Ore Miner and Void Resource Miner. The Lens used will influence which items get generated by those machines, the Clear one having no effect, the Crystal one targeting the various crystals in the Void Ore Miner (such as Litherite Crystals), while each of the 16 colored lenses targets some specific items depending on the miner used.