Laser Drill Precharger

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Laser Drill Precharger

ModMineFactory Reloaded
RF use5000 RF/t
RF storage96000 RF

The Laser Drill Precharger is a MineFactory Reloaded machine used to power the Laser Drill. On its own, like the Laser Drill, it is useless.



The Laser Drill Precharger can accept energy from all sides other than its front. When it is initially placed, it faces away from the placer. Its front must face a side of a Laser Drill, and it must be placed one block away from the Drill. If done correctly, a laser beam (Beacon laser) will connect the Precharger to the Drill.

Every tick, the Laser Drill Precharger will attempt to transfer 5000RF to its connected Laser Drill. If given a Redstone signal, the Precharger will shut down until the signal is removed.

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