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This page is about the Laser added by PowerCraft. For other uses, see Laser.

TypeSolid block
Required modulesLight

The Laser is a block added by PowerCraft. When powered by Redstone, it will project a 20 block-long white laser beam. This beam can be interrupted by mobs and blocks.

Laser Compositions

Right-clicking a Laser with a Laser Composition will add it to the Laser. Only one Laser Composition can be on the Laser Composition at once. Right-clicking a Laser with a Laser Composition already on it will remove it. Each Laser Composition will change or add functionality to the Laser. There are three Laser Compositions:

  • Distance, which increase the distance of the laser beam.

  • Kill, which makes the laser beam cause damage.

  • Sensor, which makes the Laser emit a Redstone signal when the laser beam is crossed.

Other interactions

  • Power Crystals: Dyes laser beams.

  • Laser Sensors: Detects a laser beam and emits a Redstone signal.

  • Prisms: Splits a laser beam.

  • Mirror: Redirects a laser beam.