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The Large Turbine is a multiblock generator added by GregTech Community Edition. It is capable of producing large amounts of Energy Units (EU). It comes in 3 variants: Steam, Gas, and Plasma. The amount of Steam/Gas/Plasma used depends on the Turbine built in. Its energy production is based on its current speed, which increases while consuming fuel and quickly decreases while not, so turbines should be used as constant Energy supplies.

The main Turbine block changes the fluids the turbine can run with.

  • A Large Steam Turbine runs on Steam and will output Water in addition to EU.
  • A Large Gas Turbine runs on any burnable gases (ie. Methane, Hydrogen, Ethylene, and LPG).
  • A Large Plasma Generator runs on all types of plasma generated in the Fusion Reactor, and will output a liquid of whatever plasma was fed into it in addition to EU.

The Large Turbine requires a turbine rotor. Turbine rotors vary in efficiency and durability.

  • Durability: Every few seconds while active, the rotor loses durability based on the turbine's current speed
  • Efficiency: A percentage factored into the power output of the turbine (Max efficiency to attain: 100%)

Building the multiblock:

The Large Turbine is assembled as a 3x3x4 (long) multiblock structure. The entire frame must be made from Turbine Casings.

The Front-Center of the multiblock must be a Rotor Holder. The Back-Center must be an Energy Output Hatch.

The sides (including top and bottom) must include:

  • 1 Controller
  • 1 Input Hatch
  • 1 Output Hatch (required for Steam and High Pressure turbines)

The remaining sides are Turbine Casings. The two center blocks remain air blocks. The 9 Blocks in front of the Turbine also must be air blocks.

After that, a Turbine must be placed in the Rotor Holder's GUI. The turbine starts automatically after the fuel has been supplied and Rotor has been put in the Holder.

Warning: Interacting with the Rotor Holder while the Turbine is spinning will deal a large amount of damage, and likely kill the player.

Once the turbine has been started, it will continue in "On" mode until it is deactivated (intentionally or otherwise). It will not deactivate by running out of fuel, until it spins down.


This table lists the attributes of all available vanilla GTCE Turbine Rotor materials.

Material Durability Efficiency
Invar 51200 50%
Steel 51200 42%
Titatnium 160000 50%
Wrought Iron 38400 42%
Darmstadtium 15536000 100%
Chrome 51200 85%
Damascus Steel 128000 57%
Tungstensteel 256000 57%
Aluminium 12800 71%
Pig Iron 38400 42%
Magnalium 25600 42%
Osmium 128000 100%
HSS-E 512000 71%
Osmiridium 315200 64%
Uranium 238 51200 42%
Bronze 19200 42%
Bizmuth Bronze 25600 57%
Molybdenum 51200 50%
Neodymium 51200 50%
Cobalt 25600 71%
Cobalt Brass 25600 57%
Uranium 235 51200 42%
Tungsten 256000 50%
Brass 15200 57%
Black Steel 76800 46%
Ultimet 204800 64%
Tungstencarbide 128000 85%
Thorium 51200 42%
Rose Gold 15200 100%
Red Steel 89600 50%
Iridium 256000 50%
Palladium 51200 57%
Black Bronze 25600 85%
Manganese 51200 50%
Duranium 512000 100%
Vanadiumsteel 192000 50%
Naquadah Alloy 512000 57%
HSS-S 300000 100%
Sterling Silver 19600 92%
Tritanium 1024000 100%
HSS-G 400000 71%
Iron 25600 50%
Blue Steel 102400 53%
Stainless Steel 48000 50%
Enriched Naquadah 128000 42%
Naquadah 128000 42%

As the method to create turbines is exposed to CraftTweaker, various modpacks add their own Turbine Rotors. Their efficiency can be determined from this equation: .


Rotor Speed

The current speed of the rotor determines the Turbine's energy output, and the rate at which the rotor loses durability.

Rotor speed increases by 1 every tick that the Turbine is actively burning fuel, and decreases by 3 every ticks that the turbine does not have fuel.

The maximum speed of a rotor is determined by the tier of Rotor Holder it is placed in.

There are 3 tiers of the Rotor Holder:

Tier Max Speed Spin-Up Time Spin-Down Time
HV 6000 300s 100s
LuV 6900 345s 115s
MAX 7500 375s 125s

As the higher tier Rotor Holders offer higher speeds, higher tier Rotor Holders will also increase both the EU production, and the rotor durability consumption, of the turbine.

Durability Loss

Every 230 ticks, the rotor takes , where "currentSpeed" is the current speed of the turbine and the "normalSpeed" is a constant 6000 RPM.

Fuel Consumption

Large Turbines consume fuel at a constant rate, regardless of their rotor speed. The rate of fuel consumption is equal to 64 times the fuel consumption of an LV Gas Turbine or Steam Turbine (which are the values shown in JEI).

EDIT: ever since 1.8.0 the fuel consumption for large turbines has been quadrupled. See [1]

Max Energy Output

To determine the turbine's energy output (expressed in EU/t) you can use the following equation:

, where

  • baseEnergy = 2048
  • bonusEnergy is based on the type of the large turbine, and based on configuration files. For a Steam turbine, the default value is 6144.
  • rotorEfficiency is the efficiency of the Rotor put into the Rotor Holder.
  • normalSpeed is a constant 6000 RPM.
  • currentRotor speed is the current speed of the rotor.

The fixed fuel consumption rate, combined with the bonusEnergy values, mean that Large Turbines are much, much more fuel-efficient than single-block Gas Turbines. However, their long spin-up time and inability to quickly turn them off make them only efficient to use as stable, continuous sources of energy, and their high fuel consumption rate requires significant infrastructure to keep up with.

Max Energy Output Examples

  • Assuming the bonusEnergy= 15'000, the RotorHolder to be MAX and while using a Rose Gold Rotor, we get the max energy production rate at 26'595 eu/t.
  • Assuming the bonusEnergy= 11'600, the RotorHolder to be LuV and while using a Vanadiumsteel Rotor, we get the max energy production rate at 9'008 eu/t.
  • Assuming the bonusEnergy= 22'000, the RotorHolder to be HV and while using a Naquadah Rotor, we get the max energy production rate at 10'100 eu/t.


  • The Omnifactory modpack uses the following bonusEnergy values: Steam Turbine = 6144; Gas Turbine = 18776; Plasma Turbine = 29081.