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Lapotronic Energy Storage Unit

ModGregTech 3
Max EU inputvariable EU/t
EU storage1,000,000 EU

The Lapotronic Energy Storage Unit (LESU) is a multi-block structure added by GregTech 3, and is used for storing Energy Units.

Without upgrades, the LESU has a maximum input of 32 EU/t, output of 5 EU/t, and has an internal storage of 1,000,000 EU. The output is marked by an orange circle.

The LESU has a special GUI that allows the player to charge armor without taking it off first. However, it can only charge armor if the required voltage is lower or equal to the voltage that the LESU may receive as input.

Only one LESU may be present in the structure.



The LESU may be upgraded by adding more LESU-Blocks to the structure. Each LESU-Block increases the maximum storage by 1,000,000 EU and increasing the maximum output by 1 EU/p. When at least 32 LESU-Blocks are present, the maximum input becomes 128 EU/t (MV). The Maximum input becomes 512 EU/t when at least 128 LESU-Blocks are connected.

The maximum input is capped at 512 EU/t (507 connected LESU-Blocks).

The LESU is fully upgraded when 1,999 LESU-Blocks are connected and holds 2 billion EU, taking over 54 hours to drain completely.

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