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Land Mark

TypeSolid block

The Land Mark is an item in BuildCraft that defines the area that a Quarry, Filler, Builder, or Architect Table as well as the Robots can work in, with a maximum area of 64x64x64 blocks.


FTB Infinity Evolved

Main article: FTB Infinity Evolved


Place three Land marks to specify a 2-dimensional, or four Land Marks to specify a 3-dimensional area that the machine or the robot will use. When placing three things should be noted:

  1. Each Land Mark must not further than 64 blocks from another mark away
  2. All Land Marks must be in a 90 ° angle to each other
  3. All Land Marks must be placed on the same height

Then right click on one of the Land Marks to activate them. A red beam frame will show the connected Land Marks (shown in Picture 1). If no red beam appears, then one of the notes above isn't satisfied. Then place the machine next to one of the Land Marks to create the building frame. The Land Marks will pop out and can be reused again later. An example with a Quarry and a 64x64 large working area is shown in Picture 2.

Powering a Land Mark with a Redstone Torch will create a blue beam that helps line up Land Marks to the same axis. This beam will pass through terrain for 63 blocks.