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The Labyrinth is a landmark added by Twilight Forest. Labyrinths are usually found in Twilight Clearings inside of large Hollow Hill-like structures. It is filled with monsters, treasure, and confusing turns. It is recommended to use a Maze Map or a Maze/Ore Map when conquering a labyrinth as it is easy to run into dead ends. It is made up of various types of Mazestone, which makes it near impossible to cheat through. At the bottom of the Labyrinth is the boss, the Minoshroom. The Labyrinth is populated by Minotaurs, Pinch Beetles, Maze Slimes, Fire Beetles, and Slime Beetles. Hostile vanilla mobs will also spawn due to low light levels, including Cave Spiders. The second and often final layer of the Labyrinth is surrounded in Bedrock, making it impossible to cheat through in a survival world. Charms of Keeping I can be found here in treasure chests, as well as Steeleaf and Steeleaf equipment, Ironwood Ingots and Ironwood equipment, and other valuable items. It is advised to careful approaching the treasure chests, as the entrance is trip-wired with TNT traps.