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LZ Upgrade

ModProject Red
Required modulesCore

The LZ Upgrade is an item added by Project Red and an upgrade for the chips of Project Red which are installed into these by using the Router Utility.

Before a chip can be upgraded, it must be configured with a right click. The LZ Upgrade increases the latency, which in turn has an effect on the L-Slot operation of the respective chip. Following table shows the increase of latency of the respective chip:

Chip Latency Increase
of the L-Slot
Dynamic Item Responder chip 54
Item Broadcaster chip 4
Item Crafting chip 8
Item Extractor chip 40
Item Overflow Responder chip 54
Item Responder chip 54
Item Terminator chip 54
Item Stock Keeper chip -

If the mod MineChem is installed, then you can decompose the LZ Upgrade with the Chemical Decomposer into specific chemical compounds of MineChem.