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LV Solar Panel

ModGregTech 4
Tooltip textMakes Energy from Sun at 8EU/t
Previous tier
Next tier
Max EU output8 EU/t
EU productionDay: 8 EU/t
Night: 1 EU/t

The LV Solar Panel is a cover added by GregTech 4. It will generate 8 Energy Units per tick (EU/t) during the day time, and 1 EU/t during the night time.

The LV Solar Panel can be applied to any side of a machine by right-clicking a side. However, it will only function if the cover is on the top side of the block. It can be removed by right-clicking the cover with a Wrench.

An Alloy Smelter with an LV Solar Panel installed.


Per default, the LV Solar Panel cannot be crafted. However, its crafting recipe can be enabled by changing the "SolarPanelLV_false" configuration to "true" in the "DynamicConfig.cfg" config.