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This page is about the Klein Star Sphere added by ProjectE. For other uses, see Klein Star Sphere.
Klein Star Sphere

Previous tier
Next tier
EMC value6,291,456 EMC
EMC storage12,800,000 EMC

Klein Star Sphere is an EMC storage item added by ProjectE, based off the Klein Star Sphere added by Equivalent Exchange 2.

A Klein Star charging in an Anti-Matter Relay MK3.

A Klein Star discharging in an Anti-Matter Relay MK3.

A Klein Star Sphere fully charged in a Transmutation Table.

Klein Star Sphere holds up to 12,800,000 EMC and is also used in the crafting of Klein Star Omega.

Klein Stars can be charged by being placed in a Transmutation Table and being feed in items, or by being placed in the charging slot of an Energy Collector or Anti-Matter Relay. Klein Stars are discharged by being placed them in the discharging slot of an Anti-Matter Relay.

If a charged Klein Star is placed in the "flames" slot of a Transmutation Table, the star will be destroyed, converted to EMC and any stored energy will be lost.



  • The name of the Klein Star was inspired by the klein bottle, the 4D extension of the Möbius strip. That is, a four dimensional object with only a single surface.


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