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Kitchen Cabinet

ModCooking for Blockheads
TypeTile entity
Tooltip textMultiblock Kitchen

Can be placed on the wall above kitchen blocks.

Blast resistance10
StackableYes (64)

The Kitchen Cabinet is a block added by Cooking for Blockheads. It offers 27 slots of storage that can be accessed by a multiblock kitchen.


Items can be placed in the Kitchen Cabinet by right-clicking it to open its UI. Any items placed into the Kitchen Cabinet will be visually displayed inside the cabinet.

A Cooking Table in a multiblock kitchen connected to the Kitchen Cabinet can access any item placed in the rack, such as food ingredients or tools.

Sneak-right-clicking on the door of the Kitchen Cabinet will leave it open. Items can be placed directly into the Kitchen Cabinet this way, as an alternative to using the Kitchen Cabinet's UI.

The Kitchen Cabinet can be dyed a specific color by right-clicking it with the associated dye.