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Développeurs actuelsduke605
Nécessaire pourArcane Scrolls
In-Game Mod List
Ender Book
Fishing Nets
Tool Heads
Stone Armour
Sprint Control
Magic World 2

KingCore est un paquet de bibliothèque créé par duke605. KingCore est constitué de code partagé entre les mods de Duke. Il est utilisé par Duke pour réduire la redondance du code entre ses mods actuels et futurs. Ce mod est requis pour que Arcane Scrolls, In-Game Mod List, Ender Book, Fishing Nets, Tool Heads, Stone Armour, Boost, et Sprint Control puissent se lancer.

KingCore s'appelait auparavant DukeCore, mais duke605 trouvait que "KingCore" sonnait mieux.

KingCore adds a Mod Version interface, which, by default, can be accessed with the "K" key. It is currently largely non-working because of duke605 being inactive and thus his servers rotting. Originally, it was used to provide a description of the mod, a status (what is indicated is unclear, as it is currently "Unknown" for all of his mods), and downloading the latest version of the mod. None of these features still function. Currently, the only features that still function are opening the configuration file for the mods with the "Config" button, viewing the credits for the mod with the "Credits" button, opening duke605's GitHub pages site with the "Visit duke605.github.io" button. This only displays information for mods currently installed, and only mods that depend on KingCore. duke605's mods which do not depend on KingCore are not displayed in this menu.