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This page is about the Kinetic Generator from IndustrialCraft 2. For other uses, see Kinetic Generator.
Kinetic Generator

ModIndustrialCraft 2
EU storage200,000 EU
Max EU output512 EU/t
EU production1-512 EU/t
Kinetic input2048 kU/t
Kinetic energy use4-2048 kU/t

The Kinetic Generator is a machine added by IndustrialCraft 2, used to convert kU into EU. The conversion rate is 4 kU to 1 EU.

The Kinetic Generator can take 2048 kU/t at max, producing 512 EU/t.

Do note kU can only be transmitted through the black circle with the gray dot in the center on the generator. Any other side of the block will not be able to accept any kU.