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Kinesis Pipes


Kinesis Pipes are a class of pipes from BuildCraft that transport Redstone Flux (RF). They are created by combining the original Transport Pipe with Redstone. Note that if more power is trying to go through a pipe than it can handle, a bottleneck will form and the energy "wire" inside the pipe will become red to indicate it. Before BuildCraft 6.1.2 the pipes transports Minecraft Joules (see section BuildCraft 6.1.1 and below).

Pipe Function Max RF Traversing
(BC 6.1.2 and above)
Max MJ Traversing
(BC 6.1.1 and below)

Wooden Kinesis Pipe
Allows Engines to output directly into the pipe. 320 RF/t 32 MJ/t

Cobblestone Kinesis Pipe
Used to separate Cobblestone and Stone Pipes. 80 RF/t 8 MJ/t

Stone Kinesis Pipe
Early alternative to Quartz. 160 RF/t 16 MJ/t

Sandstone Kinesis Pipe
Only connects to other pipes. 320 RF/t 32 MJ/t

Quartz Kinesis Pipe
Standard use pipe. 640 RF/t 64 MJ/t

Iron Kinesis Pipe
Can be configured to limit amount of energy. 1280 RF/t 128 MJ/t

Golden Kinesis Pipe
Alternative to Quartz Pipe, especially if access to the Nether is not an option. 2560 RF/t 256 MJ/t

Emerald Kinesis Pipe
Allows Engine to output directly into the pipe, and at a higher rate than its Wooden alternate. 2560 RF/t -

Diamond Kinesis Pipe
Very high power pipe. 10,240 RF/t 1024 MJ/t

BuildCraft 6.1.1 and below

Until BuildCraft 6.1.1 the Kinesis Pipes transfer Minecraft Joules (MJ), which has been replaced in BuildCraft 6.1.2 by Redstone Flux. There is no MJ version of the Emerald Kinesis Pipe.

Below BuildCraft 3.7

In older versions, Kinesis Pipes are referred to as Conductive Pipes. Before BuildCraft 3.70, the only Conductive (Kinesis) Pipes were Wooden, Stone and Gold ones.