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TypeSolid block

The Keypad is a block added by SecurityCraft. It emits a Redstone signal for three seconds when a player enters in the Passcode that the Owner of the Keypad has set.


Right-clicking a Frame with a Key Panel will create a Keypad.

Frame recipe

Key Panel recipe


After a Keypad is created and right-clicked by the Owner, the Keypad will prompt the user to enter a Passcode. Once the Passcode is set, any subsequent user who interacts with the Keypad will have to enter the correct Passcode in order for it to activate a redstone signal. If the user enters an incorrect Passcode, the Keypad will not activate. The owner can change the Passcode with the [[Universal Key Changer]].


The Keypad can accept three different Modules:

  • Whitelist Module: Adding this module to the Keypad will allow any whitelisted user to activate the Keypad by simply right-clicking on it without having to enter its Passcode.

  • Blacklist Module: Adding this module to the Keypad will prevent any players listed in the module from interacting with the Keypad or entering its Passcode, effectively denying activation to whatever the block is connected to via redstone.

  • Disguise Module: When a Disguise Module is inserted into a Keypad, the Keypad will disguise itself as a vanilla Minecraft Bookshelf. This can be used to activate hidden entrances or traps when placed in a wall of other Bookshelves.


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