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The Kettle is a machine from the Witchery mod. Kettles are used to create infusions, brews, and potions, within Witchery. The machine is powered by the heat of a fire directly below the block. Water must be placed into the Kettle via Water Bucket, and then the ingredients can be thrown in. Finally, to remove a potion, simply use an empty Glass Bottle on the liquid. Brews can be (easily) ruined from many things, such as the fire ceasing to exist during the process, not enough power from a nearby Altar, or simply invalid ingredients. Some indications that a brew has been ruined include black smoke, black swirls, and the liquid turning into a disgusting brown color. Some recipes require magical power from a nearby Altar, the Kettle must be placed within about 15 blocks of the Altar. Wearing the Necromancer Robes, Witches Hat, and/or the Witches Robes can increase the possibility of extra brews being created. All recipes and an even more in-depth explanation of brews can be found in the in-game book, Witchcraft: Brews & Infusions. The Kettle can even be automated using BuildCraft pipes, and Thaumcraft 4 golems.