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Technical details
First appearance1.0.0

Karma is the central concept around the ChaoticKarma mod. Karma is given/taken through a number of in-game events. Players start with a base amount of 1,000 karma, and cannot be greater than 2,000 or lower than 0. Different levels of karma will cause different events to occur, and different perks to be given to the player.

Each time the player gets or loses karma, a KarmaUpdateEvent will be posted to the Minecraft Forge event bus.

Obtaining karma

Karma can be obtained by doing the following:

Amount of karma given Description of action
+1 The player tames an entity
+2 The player kills another player whose karma is below the default
-3 The player kills another player whose karma is above the default
+2 The player kills a Creeper
+1 The player kills any mob; stacks with the Creeper murder's karma, which is possibly a bug
-3 The player kills a Villager
-1 The player kills an animal
-2 The player kills a golem
+20 The player kills the Wither or the Ender Dragon
+2 The player breaks a mob spawner
-1 The player breaks a sapling
+1 The player plants a sapling