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Joe's Special Book


Joe's Special Book is an item added by HermitQuest. Right-clicking the book will cause a random message to appear in chat. The message is also known as Joe's Wisdom.

Joe's Special Book is dropped upon defeating joehillssays.


  • Keep adventuring!
  • Howdy, y'all!
  • Help, I'm trapped in a boss loot factory!
  • When you radicalize moderation, only the radicals are moderate?
  • Saw the phrase 'blizzy McTay' used to mean 'well-suited.' However, I'm unsure if it's blizzy McTay to its own purpose.
  • What happened to me? I just spent two minutes trying to write a Minority Report pun and ended up with nothing good. I used to be cool.
  • Precog Mail is great, but it's currently limited to the D.C. area and the pricing structure is murder.
  • I love the replicator. It lets us eat panda whenever we want. Even though we killed them off for their meat centuries ago.
  • Girl, you said you'd never hurt me. And I believed you. I've learned nothing from the holodeck.
  • There might be four lights, there might be five. What matters is that they're all green.
  • Sometimes when we stand on the transporter pad and begin to shimmer, I imagine we're breaking up.
  • Gears whirl wildly through space, nearer their nature than the other wreckage, which was never intended to spin that fast.
  • The monsters under your skin want your bones to live under the bed again—they feel safe there.
  • Poetry for the mind is like food for the stomach. I want poetry I feel in my eyes, the way I taste this spread on my tongue.
  • When compulsive space travel surprised us all, my diaspora studies left me ill-prepared to determine if gravity only felt stronger here.
  • Walked past two perfectly fine but unattended crutches on the ground. I choose to believe a miracle occured here.
  • I'll feel dumb for driving less once it's proven that global warming is created by future time travelers tearing the fabric of reality. If I can walk to the store, they can walk to the Victorian Era.
  • There should be a store brand called 4% Alcohol. The other 96% is left to your imagination and the small text on the back.
  • Was it a bocce ball? if so, my condolences—those hurt worst of all. Well, except for fireballs.
  • Okay I went back and checked more, and there are logs and stone under some of them, or maybe I just couldn't see due to darkness.
  • I just learned that In some income brackets, macaroni and cheese is a side dish.
  • I just watched a Werner Herzog movie about the Death Penalty. Wine and sandwiches were served.
  • Just got done appreciating Egyptian artifacts at the @FristCenter. I am displeased by how materialisticly centered their views of death were.
  • Why didn't anyone tell me that the Rufio in Battle Royale is better than the one in Hook?
  • I've been assured this procedure has a high survival rate.
  • My favorite YouTube comment about me today: "Joe you are a monster (in the bad way)" Today someone can't call me a monster or beast without it misconstrued as praise. Tomorrow: "Joe, you're a great satan (in the bad way)"
  • The future's always brightest as you cast Hiroshima shadows.
  • I'm now tennanting around the room making faces and saying yes, wait, and no alternately.
  • Poverty isn't a virtue, it's a crucible.
  • There should be an episode of EVERY SINGLE TELEVISION SERIES where the cast of Sliders runs past in the background.
  • Marion isn't sure if the baby will need a playpen. I am certain I will paint "FREE SPEECH ZONE" on it if we do.
  • It was a bright and clear night. The three suns that the black hole had ejected earlier in the day were worrying the dogs.
  • My wife sometimes she assumes my hasty oversights are some sort of intentional fashion statement. I'll leave the house with my collar twisted and look like an idiot, because he assumes I think I am cool enough to pull it off.
  • I need a toddler-sized ASBO jumpsuit for my daughter to wear when she's scrubbing her own Crayola graffiti off the walls.
  • I keep seeing #scexit trying to be a thing. It'll never beat out #ScotstaLaVistaBritty

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