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Item Terminator Chip

ModProject Red
Required modulesTransportation

The Item Terminator Chip is an item added by Project Red and is a low speed or backup version of the Item Responder chip. The chip interacts with chests and devices with inventory to put items into it (only input) (see Usage).

If the mod MineChem is installed, then you can decompose the Item Terminator Chip with the Chemical Decomposer into different chemical compounds of MineChem.



The Item Terminator Chip funtions at first sight like the Item Responder chip, but in a pipe system the Item Terminator Chip is only triggered when all chests with Item Responder Chips are filled. This is the usage as backup version in the pipe system.

Additionally, you can use only the Item Terminator Chip instead of Item Responder Chips in your pipe system. In this case the function is the same but the transport speed is much slower.

Item that are transported to such a chip have a purple aura.

Before the chip can be installed or upgraded to a pipe, it must be configured. This configuration is done by right-clicking with the chip in his hand.

The Item Terminator Chip can be upgraded via the Router Utility to raise the configurable priority value (see section Upgrades).

Filter function

The filter function has 5 different setting options.

  1. The filter can be whitelisted or blacklisted. In the 9 panels on the left 9 item can be specified for the filter. Whitelisted means, that all items are blocked exepted the specified objects. Blacklisted does the opposite, all items are passed exepted the specified objects.
  2. The filter can review the metadata of the passing objects against the specified objects.
  3. The filter can review the NBT of the passing objects against the specified objects.
  4. The filter can review the Ore Dictionary of the passing objects against the specified objects.
  5. Group damaged items at a configured damage value.


The priority (preference value) can be set in the standard version from -2 to 2, and indicates which chip (and the chest behind) preferred receiving the items. The chip with the highest number in the pipe network receives the objects till e.g. the box is full. Then a box with the next lowest number is tried. Have 2 or more chips the same value, a chip is randomly selected and permanently accessed until the box behind the chip is full.


The Item Terminator Chip has an L-Slot that can be upgraded with the Router Utility and the respective upgrades. The R-slot has no funtion.


The L-slot raises the maximum perference value and is calculated with Preference value = 2 + Latency. The latency can be raises with the LX Upgrade by 3, the LY Upgrade by 5 and the LZ Upgrade by 54. To upgrade the chip with a LZ Upgrade, also need you at the same installation process a LX and LY upgrade.


No function.