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Item Overflow Responder chip

ModProject Red
Required modulesTransportation

The Item Overflow Responder chip is an item added by Project Red. It extracts all items that have no place out of a transport system (see Usage).

If the mod MineChem is installed, it can be decomposed with the Chemical Decomposer into different chemical compounds.



This graphic shows the interaction relationship between the different chips and pipes. The arrows indicate the transport direction of items. The Item Overflow Responder chip receives an object from the Item Extractor chip if none of the other 3 chips can take this item.

The Item Overflow Responder chip functions primarily like the Item Responder chip, with very low priority, to store items exiting the transport system in a chest. The difference is that this chip extracts all items out of the transport system which have no place in the pipe system. For example, if new items are added to a storage and transport system in which all boxes are completely filled, these new items have no place for storage. The Item Overflow Responder chip extracts these items out of the system into the connected chest.

The player can use this to expand the system without it consuming computing power for over-filling objects in the pipe system. The best course of action is to have at least one separate box connected with a Routed Interface pipe and an Item Overflow chip for each completed pipe system.

Chips must be configured before being installed or upgraded to a pipe. It is done through the chip's GUI by right-clicking with the chip in the player's hand. It can be installed in the Routed Interface pipe.

The Item Overflow chip can be upgraded via the Router Utility (see Upgrades) to raise the configurable priority value.


The priority (preference value) can be set as an integer value in the range of -2 to 2, and indicates which chip (and its connected chest) is preferred to receive the items. The chip with the highest number in the pipe network receives the objects until its chest is full, at which point the chip with the next highest number is tried. If 2 or more chips have the same value, a chip is randomly selected and accessed until the box behind the chip is full.


The Item Overflow Responder chip has an L-Slot that can be upgraded with the Router Utility and its respective upgrades. The R-slot has no function.


The L-slot raises the maximum preference value and is calculated with Preference value = 2 + Latency. The maximum latency allowed is 62. Latency can be raised with a maximum of 3 LX Upgrades, 5 LY Upgrades, and 54 LZ Upgrades. To upgrade the chip with a LZ Upgrade, it must be installed concurrently with the LX and LY upgrades.


No function.