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Item Laser Relay

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The Item Laser Relay is a block added by Actually Additions. It will wirelessly transmit items to another Item Laser Relay when connected. The Item Laser Relay can be connected by right-clicking two pairs with a Laser Wrench.

Items will only flow through the Item Relay if one is connected to an Item Interface and another is connected to another inventory. Items put into an Item Interface will be set to output (via Item Laser Relay) from it, while items pulled from it will not.

The Item Laser Relay can be connected with multiple Item Laser Relays, creating a network. Each Item Laser Relay has a priority, which defaults to 0. The priority will be increased by 1 if right-clicked by a Compass, or decreased by 1 if shift right-clicked by a Compass. The Item Laser Relay will send its items to the connected Item Laser Relay with the highest priority before other Item Laser Relays.


One Fluid Laser Relay can be converted to one Item Laser Relay in an Atomic Reconstructor.

Pre 1.10.2-r94

This information pertains to an older version of the mod.

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