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This page is about Item Filter from RFTools. For other uses, see Item Filter.
Item Filter

TypeSolid block

The Item Filter is a block added by RFTools. It is used to filter and redirect items to and from specific sides of the Item Filter.

GUI of the Item Filter; Oak Saplings are taken in from the top side and ejected out its eastern face, while Bones are taken in its southern side and ejected out its western face.

The Filter is able to move 9 different items through itself in their own paths. Clicking on the cells will toggle them from black (N/A) to blue (input) to orange (output) through different sides (rows in descending order are: down, up, north, south, west, and east). The row of lightly-tinted cells above the player's inventory houses ghost items defining type of items to be manipulated by the filter.



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