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Iridescent Altar

ModAstral Sorcery
TypeSolid block
Previous tier

The Iridescent Altar is a block added by Astral Sorcery. It is the fourth and last tier of crafting altar and is used throughout the Radiance chapter of the Astral Tome. It can contain more Starlight and adds 4 more slots for crafting.

Right-clicking on it will open up its GUI, which will display a slot on the left-hand side for players to put in constellation-attuned Rock Crystals or Celestial Crystals for certain recipes. Many of the Iridescent Altar's recipes require secondary items to be placed around on Spectral Relays surrounding the Altar. When crafting is in progress a translucent image of the required item will appear on a Relay, at which point the player must right-click on the Relay with the designated item.


The complete structure is 11x6x11 and requires (on top of the Altar):



Starlight: 80%

This can only be performed at night and will directly change the Celestial Altar instead of dropping the output in the world.

Astral Tome entry

While the Celestial Altar has certainly served its purpose, its flaws are now also plainly visible. Experience in the design of the Stellar Refraction Table has lead to the thought that focusing Starlight from specific Constellations might be more powerful than just plainly trying to absorb all kinds of Starlight.

This is not possible to accomplish with the current design. Maybe with combining the shaping properties of sooty marble and Resonating Gems, along with the newfound strength of Celestial Crystals, this issue can be solved.

Not only does the new design require a somewhat more delicate structure that looks disturbingly similar to the Ancients' shrines, additional items occasionally need to be added during the crafting process. In order to do that, spectral relays must be placed onto the sooty marble of the altar's structure when prompted.

While crafting, the focusing crystal will project a beam of colored light to an empty spectral relay nearby, displaying an ethereal image of the item needed in order to continue crafting.
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