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Inventory Scanner

TypeSolid block

The Inventory Scanner is a block added by SecurityCraft. Two Inventory Scanners placed 1 block apart, facing each other, will create a laser field to scan a player’s inventory for prohibited items, as established in the GUI, when a player passes though the laser.



For an Inventory Scanner to function, two of them are required. Place an Inventory Scanner down then place another Inventory Scanner 2 blocks away, leaving a 1 block space between them, facing the first Inventory Scanner. A laser will form between them when set up correctly. Interact with the Inventory Scanner’s GUI to establish up to 10 prohibited items and whether the Inventory Scanner should delete those items or emit a redstone signal when those items are detected when a player crosses through the lasers.


"name" = ""Navbox SecurityCraft"" "state" = ""plain""