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Inventory Pets
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Current developersPurplicious_Cow
Version1.16.5: 2.0.12
1.16.4: 2.0.12
1.16.3: 2.0.12
1.16.2: 2.0.12
1.15.2: 2.0.12
1.15.1: 2.0.12
1.15: 2.0.6
1.12.2: 2.0.12
1.12.1: 2.0.5
1.12: 2.0.5
1.10.2: 1.5.2
1.10.1: 1.5
1.10: 1.5
1.8.9: 1.4.9
1.8: 1.4.8
1.7.10: 1.5.2
Supported Minecraft versions1.7.10-1.16.5

Inventory Pets is a mod created by Purplicious_Cow. It adds many various "pets" that reside in the player's inventory, based off of mobs, blocks, items and other things.

Most pets can be crafted, but certain "Legendary" pets (the name being a reference to Pokémon) can only be found in Inventory Pets' dungeons. Inventory Pets has four dungeons: the Sky Dungeon, the Sea Cave, the Underground Dungeon and the Treetop.

Pets eat. Different pets will eat different items in the users' inventory, and at different rates; some pets will eat after a certain amount of uses, or at certain iterations of time. Food can be stored in a Feed Bag. Clicking N (per default) with a pet in hand allows the user to rename it.

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