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Intoxication is a status effect added by Misty World.

This parameter shows the degree of accumulation of toxic substances in the player’s body. The increase occurs when the player inhales the air not cleaned by the Respirator in the fog zone, or if the level of protection (effectiveness) of the respirator is not enough to be in a certain region; for example, in the center.

The level of intoxication increases with the consumption of toxic food, such as the Foggy Sponge Meat or any other food in the fog zone.

A normal feeding process can be carried out using a glass container.

Since version, the size of the effect can be changed with the command: /setmisteffects.


The first effect that is observed with increasing intoxication levels is maximum health reduction. It begins when intoxication passes 20 % and will reduce health by 1 (Half Heart.svg) health point every additional 5%. At 100% intoxication, maximum health is reduced to 4 (Heart.svgHeart.svg) health points.

The next set of effects (Slowness, Mining Fatigue, and Weakness) appear when intoxication passes 75%. Every additional 5% increases the level of these three status effects by 1.

After 90%, the player experiences Nausea. Blindness occurs at 99% intoxication.

Reduction method

They player can reduce the level of intoxication by consuming a group of products called Detoxicants. These include: