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This page is about the Integrated Circuit added by GregTech 5. For other uses, see Integrated Circuit.
Integrated Circuit

ModGregTech 5

The Integrated Circuit is a GregTech 5 component item. It is used to determine which of many possible operations a machine performs. Like the Mold or Extruder Shape, the Integrated Circuit is not consumed, but it is required for recipes to be carried out.


Integrated Circuits are shapelessly crafted from Basic Electronic Circuits, and may be reverted back into a Basic Electronic Circuit when no longer needed.


The configuration of the Integrated Circuit is set in a shaped crafting grid with a Screwdriver. The locations within the crafting grid of the Circuit and Screwdriver determine the configuration number.

Typically, the IC will be configured for however many "resources" are used up when something is made.

Crafting Grid

Fluid Heater

Chemical Reactor

Pyrolyse Oven

Bending Machine

Assembling Machine
Refines Oil into Sulfuric Gas
Heats Cracked Light/Heavy Fuel into Naphtha, common Oil into Sulfuric Naphtha, and Heavy Fuel into Toluene and then into Light Fuel.

Also used to distill Biomass into Ethanol, Industrial Biomass into Biogass, and common Air into Nitrogen Gas.

Heats Seed/Fish Oil into Frying Oil, or Water into Steam. Heats Water into Sulfuric Acid Extracts Creosote Oil and Charcoal from Logs, Coal Coke from Coal, and mixes Water and Biochaff into Industrial Biomass. Creates Plates from metal Ingots, Foil from Plates, and Springs from Long Rods/Gold Wire. Also rolls Tin Cans from Tinsteel. Makes Wood/Stone Buttons, separates Pre-Sliced Breads, constructs BuildCraft Kinesis Pipes and AND Gates with Molten Redstone, retrieves RE-Batteries from the BatPack, adds Glue to Pistons, (item:List?), smooths out (chiseled) Sandstone, makes Iron and Netherbrick Fences.
Distills Heavy Fuel from Cracked Light Fuel, Light Fuel from Cracked Heavy Fuel, and Sulfuric Light Fuel from common Oil.

Will also retrieve Oxygen from Air, and Water from Industrial Biomass.

25% efficiency boost to Configuration 1, with the addition of Nitrogen Gas Makes DoublePlates. Combines sliced bread, x2 wires, paper into Paperboard, makes stone/wood/iron etc pressure plates, makes Carbon Mesh, makes OR Gates, makes an IC2 Generator from IC2 Water Mills, and bathes Logs in Seed Oil to make Impregnated Sticks.
Distills Sulfuric Heavy Fuel from Oil, Toluene from Cracked Light/Heavy Fuel, and Argon Gas from Air. Extracts Heavy Oil from Logs with a bit of leftover Ash Used specifically for the Triple Enderium Plate Makes Trap Doors, Iron Bars, Carpets, Wood Fences, Cartons (Paper x3),
Makes natural oils and Cracked Heavy Fuel into Lubricant, and refines common Oil types into plain Oil Makes x4 Wires, Frame Boxes, Elevator Frames, Crafting Tables, Chest/Dynamic/Iron/Tank Panes (Steve's Carts), Thermal Padding Boots, Cardboard (Paper x4), Stone Bricks, and Railcraft Railbeds.
Distills Water from Biomass. Also distills Water directly. Thermal Padding Helmet, Ender Pearls from Pulsating Propolis, and Thick Cardboard (Paper x5)
Bends ingot rods into Railcraft Rails, and makes Tin Cans from Aluminum Plate. Assembles doors and Buildcraft Transport Pipes
Makes 7-material items: Thermal Padding Leggings, ingot Fences, and Cauldrons.
Makes 8-material items. Vanilla Furnaces, Chests, 8x Wire, GregTech Coil blocks, Thermal Padding Chestplate, Machine Casings, and Impregnated Casings from Logs and Seed Oil.
Bends 9-stack ingots into Dense Plates
Forms fluid Cells, Buckets, and Rebar. Combines x12 Wire
Combines 16x Wire
Insulates wires with Rubber.

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