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This page is about the altered game mechanic from Upgrade Aquatic. For the vanilla game mechanic, see mcw:Insomnia.


Insomnia is originally a mechanic added in Minecraft 1.13, but Upgrade Aquatic modified it to be more intuitive and flexible. Aside from adding the Bedroll for sleeping without setting spawn and potions to change the player's level of insomnia, the mod also adds a shadowy border which by default appears after 3 days of not sleeping (i.e., when the player is susceptible to phantom attacks), but can be configured. In addition to tweaking insomnia in general, phantoms will only attack those who can cause them to spawn.

Potions to alter restfulness

Potion of Restfulness

Level 1 reduces insomnia by one day and Level 2 reduces it by two days. This effect instantly kills Phantoms.

Potion of Insomnia

Level 1 increases insomnia by one day and Level 2 increases it by two days.

Both potions can be brewed into splash and lingering potions by brewing them with Gunpowder and Dragon's Breath respectively, and can be tipped on arrows. As with other instant effects, they cannot be extended and there is no change to duration if made into Level 2.