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Inscription Table

ModMana and Artifice
TypeSolid block

The Inscription Table is a crafting station added by Mana and Artifice. It is used to create spell recipes.



The Inscription Table has 3 slots in the top left corner of the GUI. The leftmost slot is for Arcanist Ink, the middle for Vellum, and the rightmost for Arcane Ash. On the left of the GUI are spell options. There are three type of spell options: Shapes, Components, and Modifiers. There are five slots in the middle of the GUI that hold spell options. A recipe can hold 1 Shape, 1 Component, and 3 Modifiers. Shapes affect how the spell is cast, such as a beam, by touch, or on one's self. Components affect what the spell does, such as fire damage, healing, or digging. Modifiers affect the properties of the spell, such as extending the range, duration, or potency. Clicking on the options adds them to the recipe; at least one shape and component must be selected. To adjust modifier settings select a modifier and click on the yellow arrows that appear to increase or lower the desired property. On the right-hand side of the GUI the complexity, mana cost, inscription table costs and required spell components are displayed. Each recipe will cost a certain amount of Arcanist Ink, Vellum, and Arcane Ash. Arcanist Ink has a durability that will be lowered, while Vellum and Arcane Ash are consumed. To finish a recipe click the green arrow at the top of the GUI. Recipes take time to be crafted, which is shown with a progress bar along the top. When finished the Inscription Table deposits the spell recipe in the top-right corner of the GUI.