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Infusing Laser

ModDeep Resonance
Tooltip textPlace this laser so it faces a lens. It will infuse the liquid in the tank depending on the materials used.
Max RF input2,000 RF/t
RF use100 RF/t
RF storage100,000 RF

The Infusing Laser is a machine added by Deep Resonance. It is used to refine Resonating Crystal Liquid much more than the Purifier alone can do. To be used, it needs to be placed facing a Lens placed on a Tank, with a block of air between the Laser and the Lens.

When in a valid position and provided with an active redstone signal, RF, liquid crystal in its internal tank (provided by placing Resonating Crystals in the rightmost slot in the UI) and a valid catalyst in the leftmost slot, it will start attemping to infuse RCL in the Tank on which the Lens is placed every 2 seconds.

Each infusion attempt will consume 1 catalyst item, 25 mB of liquid crystal and 4,000 RF, even if unsuccessful. This will change the attributes of RCL in the target Tank, up to a maximum if they get increased or down to a minimum if they get reduced. The exact change to each attribute varies depending on the catalyst used, and is calculated for 500 mB of RCL. If the target Tank does not exactly have 500 mB of RCL inside then the changes will scale appropriately. Lastly, if the RCL's Purity falls below 1%, then 200 mB of RCL will be lost in the infusion attempt.

The amount of liquid crystal obtained from a Resonating Crystal can be obtained with the following formula :

  • Where Strength is the Strength of the Crystal between 0 (0%) and 1 (100%)

List of catalysts

Catalyst Purity Purity cap Strength Strength cap Efficiency Efficiency cap

Ender Pearl
+2% 100%

-5% 0% +8% 70% +4% 60%

Prismarine Crystals
+4% 35% +4% 35%

Prismarine Shard
+3% 30% +3% 30%

Blaze Powder
-6% 0% +5% 70% +5% 70%

-1% 0% +5% 60%

Ghast Tear
-20% 0% +25% 100% +15% 100%

-10% 1%

+5% 100%

Glowstone Dust
-2% 0% +6% 50% +3% 50%

Nether Wart
-3% 0% +2% 35% -2% 1%

Gold Ingot
-1% 0% +1% 30%

Iron Ingot
-2% 0% +1% 20%

+8% 100%

Nether Quartz
-1% 0% +7% 80%

-1% 0% -10% 0%

Nether Star
-60% 0% +90% 100% +90% 100%

+1% 30% +1% 40%

Dimensional Shard
+1% 100% +8% 80% +8% 80%


Deep Resonance Manual entry

Main article: Deep Resonance Manual
Lens and Laser

With the laser and the lens you can improve the quality of the liquid in a tank even more then what the purifier can do.

The lens has to be placed on the tank and the laser facing the lens. So you have the laser, one empty space, the lens and finally the tank.

The laser needs power, spent (or unspent) crystals. Finally you also need some kind of catalyst item (emerald, diamond, redstone, glowstone, ...). Then give the laser a redstone signal and it will start improving the liquid.

Be careful though! The laser does not test if the tank actually has enough liquid in it (500mB) and if the liquid is actually valid liquid that can be infused. So be careful not to waste precious materials here.

Warning! Make sure you don't infuse purity below 0% as that will destroy a lot of the liquid

Note that the laser does infuse 500mB per catalist item. By default the following catalysts are supported: diamond, emerald, ender pearl, redstone, gunpowder, glowstone, blaze powder, quartz, nether star, ghast tear, slime ball and coal. You can see what bonuses a catalyst has in the GUI of the laser (just turn off the laser and put the catalyst in the slot).
Deep Resonance Manual