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This page is about the Industrial Grinder added by GregTech 4. For other uses, see Industrial Grinder.
Industrial Grinder

ModGregTech 4
TypeMultiblock structure
Max EU input128 EU/t

The Industrial Grinder is a multiblock structure added by GregTech 4 and processes only ore blocks to convert them into dust. The Grinder requires water and is able to store 12,800 Energy Units (EU). The Grinder not only gives 2 dust of the equivalent ore but also other types of dust, similar to the Pulverizer from Thermal Expansion.



  • Build a 3x3x3 cube as shown below:

  • Put the Industrial Grinder at middle center of any side except top and bottom.


When placing the grinder and right-clicking a section in the GUI will insruct the player in building the multiblock structure. Power the Grinder, put water inside of it (which can be automated with pipes and liquiducts), and throw some ore into the input slot. It is recommended to build an Industrial Blast Furnace to help with full ore processing.