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Industrial Foregoing
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Current developersBuuz135
1.16.1: 3.1.1-a834e76
1.15.2: 2.3.3-e356e61
1.15.1: 2.2.0
1.14.4: 2.1.2-582ea8b
1.13.2: 2.0.2
1.12.2: 1.12.13-237
1.12.1: 1.5.10-98
1.12: 1.5.10-98
1.11.2: 0.3-20
Supported Minecraft versions1.11.2-1.16.5
Depends onTesla Core Lib
Needed forIntegration Foregoing
Industrial Meat
Discord serverLink
FTB Academy

Industrial Foregoing is a mod created by Buuz135 with art created by CyanideX. It is a reimagining and recreation of the 1.7 version of MineFactory Reloaded. The mod has a large tech tree with many various machines, utilities, tools and components, used for generating energy, farming, storage, and many other things. Its features are documented in Industrial Foregoing's Manual.


Most machines require energy in order to function. Industrial Foregoing uses Tesla, but its machines can accept and will convert Redstone Flux (RF), Forge Energy (FE) and Mekanism's energy. They will convert 1-1 to Tesla.


The GUI of the Dye Mixer.

The GUIs of Industrial Foregoing's machines are all organized similarly. The left edge contains a "J" button, which when clicked will display the items that can be created by the machine in Just Enough Items. If it's a machine that uses energy, the left side of the GUI will contain a "tank" of stored energy, which will show the amount of Tesla in the machine if hovered over. To the right are two slots; the top slot can be used to put energy into the machine through a battery, and the bottom can be used to remove energy. For energy consumers, there is a "work energy buffer" above the tank, showing where the machine is during the current process, how much energy it needs and the amount of energy it will use per tick. For machines that use energy, on the right there are four slots for upgrades (mainly for upgrades added by Tesla Core Lib). Underneath that, the player's armor (and off-hand) can be accessed. Next to the helmet slot are the Redstone controls; it can be set to "Always Active" (regardless of Redstone input), "Active on Redstone Signal" or "Active without Redstone Signal." Lastly, in the bottom-left of the GUI is a guide to the GUI; hovering over one of the colored squares will highlight the GUI component of the same color and give its name (such as "Energy" for the energy tank, or "Energy Items" for the two slots next to it).


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