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This page is about the Industrial Coke Oven added by Immersive Integration. For other uses, see Industrial Coke Oven.
Industrial Coke Oven

ModImmersive Integration
TypeMultiblock structure

The Industrial Coke Oven is a 5x7x4 multiblock added by Immersive Integration. It is designed to be an advanced version of the Coke Oven.


The Industrial Coke Oven is fairly complicated to make. It uses 70 Coke Oven Walls, 60 Heated Coke Oven Walls and 10 Coke Oven Ports.

II Industrial Coke Oven Cons.png

After it is fully arranged, the player must right-click the block above the central-bottom Heated Coke Oven Wall (from one of the long sides) with an Engineer's Hammer, then the multiblock is complete.

IE Industrial Coke Oven.png


Although it is much larger, the Industrial Coke Oven is virtually the same as the Coke Oven, but with some exceptions. It can smelt four items at a time instead of one. Items and Coal Coke can inputted/outputted through the Coke Oven Ports on the one of the long sides, and Creosote Oil can be outputted through one of the shorter sides.

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