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This page is about the Industrial Blast Furnace added by GregTech 4. For other uses, see Industrial Blast Furnace.
Industrial Blast Furnace

ModGregTech 4
TypeMultiblock structure
EU use120 - 500 EU/t

The Industrial Blast Furnace is a multiblock structure from GregTech 4. It is capable of smelting numerous different materials. The multiblock structure requires 34 Machine Casing blocks in a 3x3x4, with a hole in the middle. Putting lava in the center 1x2 will add 500 heat capacity (each block in the center adds 250, and it is possible to add just a single lava block in the 1x2 area to achieve that amount of gain in heat capacity). Different Machine Casings will yield higher heat capacity, allowing for higher tier materials to be smelted. Adding 4 Kanthal Heating Coils will increase the heat capacity by 500. After adding the 4 Kanthal Heating Coils, another 4 Nichrome Heating Coils can be added to increase the heat capacity by yet another 500. The maximum heat possible is 3,880. Please note that higher heat capacities do not increase the speed at which the blast furnace operates. Even though this is the maximum heat capacity available, it is not recommended as the most you will need is 3,000K for Tungsten Steel ingots. An entire Industrial Blast Furnace has room for 4 Industrial Blast Furnace Controller boxes (the block crafted below). To remain operational each controller box needs 128 EU/t.

Machine Casing Type Heat Added Per Block
Standard Machine Casing 30
Reinforced Machine Casing 50
Advanced Machine Casing 70



  • First, build a 3x3x4 hollow box out of Machine Casings, as shown below:
    • Notes: lava inside of box is optional; flowing lava block is allowed as well; different types of machine casing can be used together.

  • Place the controller box on the bottom-middle of any/all sides.
  • Power it using IndustrialCraft 2's EU. Industrial Blast Furnace block will tell if it is working because the block will change color (red = insufficient multiblock structure, while green = working properly and ready to smelt (provided that it has power)).

There are two input slots in the GUI. For some items the second input works as a modifier, for other items it simply works as a second input. The only items that can be modified are Iron Ore (add a Calcium Carbonate Cell to make 3x Refined Iron, Pyrite Ore (add a Calcium Carbonate Cell to make 2x Refined Iron, and Iron Dust (add 2x Coal Dust to make 1x Steel).