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IndustrialCraft2 Development Team
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The IndustrialCraft 2 Development Team is the group of people who are or have worked on the mod IndustrialCraft 2 or its predecessor IndustrialCraft. It was formed by Alblaka the Dragon Lord who originally made IndustrialCraft and also made IndustrialCraft 2. He disappeared for 532 days (1 year, 5 months, 2 weeks) from Tuesday, the 25th of June 2013 to Tuesday, the 9th of December 2014, but has no intention to start coding IC2 again in the immediate future.

The other main members of IndustrialCraft development are Player, Thunderdark and RichardG. RichardG has retired from modding, and was replaced by GregoriusT in order to rejuvenate and help with IC2 Experimental. Currently, Player is working on fixing and improving the E-net, Thunderdark is overhauling the crop stystem and Greg is meant to be fixing any bugs which Player or Thunderdark miss. SirusKing is IC2's current sprite artist. Aroma1997 was originally given the chance to just add one feature to IC2, but he ended up joining the team to add a few new features and fix bugs.

The current active members of the development team are:

  • Player - Coder and Project Team Leader
  • Aroma1997 - Coder
  • Estebes - Coder
  • Chocohead - Coder
  • Imer - Server hoster and Closed Beta Tester

The current inactive members of the development team are:

  • ThunderDark - Coder
  • GregoriusT - Coder

The other members who were previously involved:

  • Alblaka - Project Leader and Founder
  • RichardG - Coder
  • alexthesax - Coder
  • Drashian - Coder
  • Elemtalist - Coder
  • Feanturi - Spriter
  • tahu44 - Modeller
  • Lurch1985 - Sound Artist
  • SirusKing - Artist