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Transformer Upgrades allow machines to be able to take higher packets of EU at once, and are crafted like so:

Transformer Upgrades are a very important upgrade, especially when used in conjunction with the Overclocker Upgrade. This is because they allow the machine they are in to take the next energy tier without exploding. This means if a machine can only take 32 EU/t, it will become able to take 128 EU/t. As Overclocker Upgrades increase the power usage of machines, Transformer Upgrades can be used to allow machines to take in more power and cope with the increased demand.

Transformer Upgrades have the effect of the tier going up by 1, per upgrade, which means, for example, 3 Transformer Upgrades would let a machine normally only capable of accepting 32 EU/t without exploding be able to take 2048 EU/t. As IndustrialCraft 2 (IC2) can only let Energy Units per tick (EU/t) reach 8192 EU/t (via an inverted EV-Transformer), adding more than 4 Transformer Upgrades to a tier-one machine is wasteful, though it will also not consume more energy.