IndustrialCraft 2/Guide/Fluid Ejector Upgrade

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Fluid Ejector Upgrades can be added to machines to allow them to automatically output their fluid output, and are crafted like so:

Fluid Ejector Upgrades allow IC2 machines to automatically output their fluid output, which would only be possible otherwise with another mod which adds some form of fluid transfer (like Fluid Conduits). Normally, Fluid Ejector Upgrades will output to the first available side, but they can be set to only output from a specific side by shift-right clicking on any block, which will set the Fluid Ejector Upgrade to output from that side.

Adding more than 1 Fluid Ejector Upgrade to a machine ejecting to the same side has no effect, but adding several which output to different sides will cause the machine to eject into the direction that the first Fluid Ejector Upgrade is in the upgrade slots, and will work down them, prioritising them in order of position in those slots.

It's counterpart for ejecting items is the Ejector Upgrade.