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Energy Storage Upgrades increase the internal Energy Units (EU) buffer of machines by 10,000 EU and are crafted like so:

Energy Storage Upgrades add 10,000 EU per upgrade to a machine's internal buffer. They do not increase the energy input capability of the machine, so a tier 1 machine would still only be able to take 32 EU/t, but it would be able to store much more energy.

Energy Storage Upgrades are useful when used with Overclocker Upgrades as the increased power draw from them could be counteracted by the machine being able to storage more energy, such that for quick single operations, the machine does not actually need to draw power, as the buffer is big enough to supply the whole overclocked operation. Transformer Upgrades are also useful with Energy Storage Upgrades, as they allow the machine to be able to take more EU/t without exploding, meaning it can fill the larger buffer faster.