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Updated to 1.12.2


Addon Author Description
Advanced Machines Chocohead

Updated to 1.7.10

Original list at https://forum.industrial-craft.net/thread/10697-list-of-updated-ic2-addons/

Addon Author Description
Nuclear Control 2 xbony2
Gregtech GregoriusT
Ztech Zulexus
Advanced Machines AtomicStryker
CompactSolars Alexbegt, ProgWML6
IridiumMod DevilDead
Mining Laser mini-mod for MCPC+ Hunterz Server-sided
Advanced Machines immibis http://immibis.com/mcmoddl/[1]
Advanced Repulsion Systems immibis http://immibis.com/mcmoddl/
Gravitation Suite SeNtiMeL
Turbo F4113nb34st [Note: is not an actually addon, but is used for other addons]
Bio Materials F4113nb34st
IC2 Tweaks F4113nb34st
Advanced Solar Panels SeNtiMeL (IcedFire)
IHL Tools & Machines Foghrye4
EnetBridge Player
Advanced Power Management [2] xbony2, Zuxelus, Pantheis xbony2 and Zuxelus have their own separate ports
VoidTech mike
Carbon Tech Addon Christopher Ye
AFSU Mod xbony2
Simple-IC2-Quarry mike
SkyTech Crops Hunterz
Electro-Magic Tools Tombenpotter
IC2 Backback HUD Mineshopper
GalacticGreg [Gregtech addon] Blood Asp
Water Power huanghongxun
Power Utilities SeNtiMeL
Realistic Explosives konatatatata
ElectricalAdditions Aroma1997
GTExtras [Gregtech addon] Blood Asp
GemBlocksForGreg [Gregtech addon] UltraPeeks
Minetweaker Addon for Gregtech [Gregtech addon] DreamMasterXXL
Armour and Tool Status HUD DoomFruit 1.1.12
Just a bunch of IC2 machines estebes
Quantum Pack speiger
Choco Patcher Chocohead Advanced Solar Panels + GraviSuite Fixer

Updated to 1.7.2

Note: most of these mods aren't going to work with 1.7.10

Addon Author Description
The Bearded Potato (Electrical beacons) MistrX
Industrial Agriculture Tntrololol
CompactWatermills [Curseforge] lucas1998

Update to 1.7.X Announced

Addon Author Description
Modular Force Field System Minalien

Update Pending (1.6 versions)

Addon Author Description
Transducers adamros
Unidye LinusPhoenix
AdvGenerators^3 speiger
NuclearPower MrrGingerNinja not to be confused with the mod NuclearCraft

Officially Discontinued

Addon Author Description
Transformer Converters master801 [Replaced by Transformer Convertors 2]
LevelStorage mak326428 Latest for MC1.6.2

[Modder unhappy with his mod]

Recipes Fixer mini-mod Hunterz [IC2 fixed this bug]
ChargePads Myrathi [Integrated with IC2]
CompactWindmills Aroma1997 1.7.10 build

[Integrated with IC2]

Portable Recharger Aroma1997 [Integrated with IC2]
GregArmor [Gregtech addon] Reloque [Modder left modding]