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Updated to 1.12.2

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Addon Author Description
Advanced Machines Chocohead
Advanced Solar Panels Chocohead
Gravitation Suite Chocohead
IC2 Tweaker tttusk
Modular Forcefield System nekosune, Minalien
Industrial Upgrade denfop SuperSolarPanels remastered
IC2C Extras trinsdar, Razzokk IC2 Classic only
Advanced Solars Classic trinsdar IC2 Classic only
Gravisuit Classic trinsdar IC2 Classic only
IC2 Classic Tweaker trinsdar IC2 Classic only
IC2C Crop Overrides trinsdar IC2 Classic only
Energy Control Zulexus
Combo Armors Zulexus
IC2 Crop-Breeding Plugin speiger
TATW Aroma1997 Use RF with IC2 machines, EU with RF machines
More Electric Tools It_lrsoft
Iridium Source slump64
IC2Magma slump64
GregTech Classic e99999
GTC Expansion trinsdar
GT Classic UUM Assembler JEI Integration flyingperson23
Buildcraft Fuels for IC2 xxTFxx
Reactor Stuff enderiumsmith
Composite Gear zcaliptium
Wireless Industry ultramarine11
IC2 Patcher Su5eD
Gravitation Suite Patcher Su5eD
WTF Ic2 Addon HyCraftHD
Crops++ StreamHero
XXL Solar Panels Kreatifchk
Reactor Turbines Mod for IC2 Droog71
FrogCraft: Rebirth tttusk
Advanced Electric Tools nechiru IC2 Classic only
FluidsPlusPlus Veritius340

Updated to 1.7.10

Original list at https://forum.industrial-craft.net/thread/10697-list-of-updated-ic2-addons/

Addon Author Description
Nuclear Control 2 xbony2
Gregtech GregoriusT
Ztech Zulexus
Advanced Machines AtomicStryker
CompactSolars Alexbegt, ProgWML6
IridiumMod DevilDead
Mining Laser mini-mod for MCPC+ Hunterz Server-sided
Advanced Machines immibis http://immibis.com/mcmoddl/[1]
Advanced Repulsion Systems immibis http://immibis.com/mcmoddl/
Gravitation Suite SeNtiMeL
Turbo F4113nb34st [Note: is not an actually addon, but is used for other addons]
Bio Materials F4113nb34st
IC2 Tweaks F4113nb34st
Advanced Solar Panels SeNtiMeL (IcedFire)
IHL Tools & Machines Foghrye4
EnetBridge Player
Advanced Power Management [2] xbony2, Zuxelus, Pantheis xbony2 and Zuxelus have their own separate ports
VoidTech mike
Carbon Tech Addon Christopher Ye
AFSU Mod xbony2
Simple-IC2-Quarry mike
SkyTech Crops Hunterz
Electro-Magic Tools Tombenpotter
IC2 Backback HUD Mineshopper
GalacticGreg [Gregtech addon] Blood Asp
Water Power huanghongxun
Power Utilities SeNtiMeL
Realistic Explosives konatatatata
ElectricalAdditions Aroma1997
GTExtras [Gregtech addon] Blood Asp
GemBlocksForGreg [Gregtech addon] UltraPeeks
Minetweaker Addon for Gregtech [Gregtech addon] DreamMasterXXL
Armour and Tool Status HUD DoomFruit 1.12.2 version
Just a bunch of IC2 machines estebes
Quantum Pack speiger
Choco Patcher Chocohead Advanced Solar Panels + GraviSuite Fixer
Industrial Upgrade denfop SuperSolarPanels remastered
Energy Control Zulexus
Combo Armors Zulexus
IC2 Crop-Breeding Plugin speiger
Composite Gear zcaliptium
Wireless Industry ultramarine11

Updated to 1.7.2

Note: most of these mods aren't going to work with 1.7.10

Addon Author Description
The Bearded Potato (Electrical beacons) MistrX
Industrial Agriculture Tntrololol
CompactWatermills [Curseforge] lucas1998

1.7.X version (incomplete)

Addon Author Description
Modular Forcefield System Minalien

1.6 versions

Addon Author Description
Transducers adamros
Unidye LinusPhoenix
AdvGenerators^3 speiger
NuclearPower MrrGingerNinja not to be confused with the mod NuclearCraft
Frogcraft Rikka0_0

Officially Discontinued

Addon Author Description
Transformer Converters master801 [Replaced by Transformer Convertors 2]
LevelStorage mak326428 Latest for MC1.6.2

[Modder unhappy with his mod]

Recipes Fixer mini-mod Hunterz [IC2 fixed this bug]
ChargePads Myrathi [Integrated with IC2]
CompactWindmills Aroma1997 1.7.10 build

[Integrated with IC2]

Portable Recharger Aroma1997 [Integrated with IC2]
GregArmor [Gregtech addon] Reloque [Modder left modding]