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This page is about the Inductive Furnace from Project Red. For other uses, see Inductive Furnace.
Inductive Furnace

ModProject Red
Required modulesExpansion

The Inductive Furnace is a machine added by Project Red. It has the same function like the vanilla Furnace but is operated by Electrotine Power from Project Red (see Usage).

If the mod MineChem is installed, then you can decompose the Inductive Furnace with the Chemical Decomposer into 48 Iron (Fe) and 5 to 14 Kaolinite.



With the Screwdriver or Electric Screwdriver the orientation of the Inductive Furnace can be change freely around the y-axis.

For operation, the machine requires Electrotine Power, which can be supplied by Low Load Power Line and Framed Low Load Power Line. If the machine has enough power, one the front of the machine lights up a blue light.

The left gauge in the the GUI indicates the voltage of connected energy network. For operation the machine needs min. 50V (the half of the gauge). The right gauge indicates the internal energy storage of the furnace. This storage is filled up, if the voltage of the connected power network is stable and more energy is filled in the power network. The stored energy will be consumed if the voltage of the connected power network falls under 50V and the furnace operates.

In the left slot the items are placed which are to be processed, and in the right slot, the product appears.