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Induction Crucible Furnace

EU use100 EU/t
RF use400 RF/t

The Induction Crucible Furnace is a machine added by Foundry. It is used to melt items into liquid metals.



The Induction Crucible Furnace requires either Redstone Flux (RF) or Energy Units (EU) to operate and can accept up to 4000 Energy/tick (1 RF = 10 Energy, 1 EU = 40 Energy). When powered the heat level will begin to rise according to the amount of Energy received per tick. It will lose heat if it is not receiving sufficient power. The more heat the machine is storing, the more heat it loses per tick; this means more energy is required to sustain higher temperatures. Once the heat level reaches the melting point of the metal the melting process starts. The higher the heat level is above the melting point, the faster it will melt. Fluid can be extracted with containers, or fluid pipes.